Avoid a Mid-Summer Breakdown

Plan your AC maintenance appointment in Big Lake, MN

Regular AC maintenance will improve your unit's efficiency and prevent problems down the line. That's why Climate Control offers annual maintenance throughout Big Lake, MN. Our HVAC contractor will inspect your cooling system to check for common problems, dust buildup and hidden damage.

Help your air conditioner run stronger for longer by working with Climate Control.

What's included in AC maintenance?

Wondering if AC maintenance is worthwhile? It can save you a lot of money on emergency repairs and help your unit operate more effectively throughout the year. How? Well, during your appointment, our HVAC contractor will:

Check electrical connections
Calibrate the entire system
Clean and lubricate parts

You can also rely on us to replace your air filters.

By planning for regular AC maintenance, you can stay cool and keep your energy bills lower. What are you waiting for? Call 763-957-2665 today to set up your first appointment.